Timer Grow Light DIY LED kits

Discussion in 'LED Kits' started by LEDBuilder.org, Dec 21, 2016.

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    My objection to these kind of grow lights is that the sellers and manufacturers of these kinds of LEDs are including unwanted features, while pretending that these features are necessary. The unwanted features are orange and green phosphors. These are blue LEDs that are coated with a combination of green, orange and red phosphors. It would cost a manufacturer almost nothing to not include the green and orange phosphors, but they would rather sell you LEDs made for visual illumination instead of what consumers want for plant growth. And, more American than Chinese manufacturers violate the Golden Rule in this manner. I regard these American manufacturers as unpatriotic.

    It is sort of like Comcast and AT&T only selling television packages that include sports channels when you hate sports. Or, like manufacturers making only salted tomato sauce when you have hypertension. These are examples of entire industries abusing some consumers by selling them added features that they don't want. It is a very common misbehavior but I am not grading them on the curve.