Is rollitup down?

Discussion in 'The LED Cafe' started by, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Administrator

    ive been trying to access for a week or so with no luck.
  2. Nogod_

    Nogod_ New Member

    Got hacked and was down for a few days last week, then back up for 3-4 days wit no picture loader, then back down again for the count.

    Started reading my fantasy novel again on my lunch break.
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  3. Rahz

    Rahz New Member

    Rollitup has been my only advertising venue so I'm starting to wonder if I should start looking elsewhere.

    It's been another 3-4 days now... surely they'll be back up soon...
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  4. Nogod_

    Nogod_ New Member

    Wish we had promoted this site more before the great hackathon of 2017.

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  5. Bosgrower

    Bosgrower New Member

    They were a bit disingenuous about what had happened ... claimed a Ddos and when they were called on it told us to basically mind our own business they didn't have to explain themselves. Seems like a serious hardware failure ... but a high school computer student with a C average could rebuild a server in a day or 2 so no idea when or if they'll be back.
    Too bad ... we had a nice Massachusetts community started there after legalization was passed
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  6. Rahz

    Rahz New Member

    I've wondered about that myself but it could be a number of things, even a prolonged ddos attack or server issues relating to an attack. I hope they come back online, not because the advertising is cheap but because it's still a great board for cob related news, diy, etc.
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  7. Bosgrower

    Bosgrower New Member

  8. Administrator

    There are literal archives of so much data on RUI.
  9. Bosgrower

    Bosgrower New Member

    For what it's worth, RIU is staggering back to life ... they've gone from completely down to giving a database error when you access the url
  10. Nogod_

    Nogod_ New Member

    It was back up for 1 hour yesterday but all of the threads were from 2/14/16 and before. Apparently their admin has been in the hospital for a month?

    Seriously broke-ass shenanigans

  11. Administrator

    Sounds like they are restoring from backup. Can't be that hard. For some reason though so many admins I meet want to host stuff on their own servers and manage everything themselves but then something like this outage happens and they have a lot of legwork to get it working again.